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Quantitative research customized for you

Whether you represent a public entity, commercial real estate company, or private-sector organization, we have an array of services that can solve your planning needs.



Using data and analytics to find the best results


Assessing real estate and land use decisions


Modeling future value based on funding options now

FORECASTING: Perform quantitative trend analyses and demographic modeling to inform the future, as well as leverage hyper-local geo-demographic and real estate market data to capture the details of a project site and trade area. We also create supply and demand research, economic growth projections, highest and best use analyses, and market research studies to help our clients select their best options.

FEASIBILITY: Deliver in-depth analyses identifying the best way forward, considering land use, price point, scale, position, and incentives. We also generate cost/benefit analyses of pursuing zoning and entitlement risks.

FINANCE: Model the future value of projects and advise on capital structuring, pricing potential bond offerings, tax increment projections, and profit-sharing agreements. We provide quantitative estimates and projections of the amount, timing, and value that future real estate development can generate.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Heybrook West specializes in TOD and can deliver evaluations of single properties, projections for real estate around transit line extensions and new stations, and asset monetization strategies for entire rail systems.

Retail and Real Estate Strategies

Heybrook West can assist companies in strategic market planning and site selection by providing detail trade area analyses, building portfolio expansion strategies, and maximizing portfolio effectiveness in complex urban environments. Heybrook can also help in omnichannel strategy and in rethinking data flow for greater business flexibility and risk mitigation strategies.

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